In-Office Physician Dispensing Laws in Iowa

Dispense Doc can help provide clients with the credentials, products, software, and support necessary to dispense medications at the point of care in Iowa. Our expertise can help your office provide this added service to patients, giving patients a more convenient means to attaining their medication, and giving your practice an added revenue stream to increase profitability. Our goal is to help you streamline the process of prescribing and dispensing medications with ease.

Advantages to Physician Dispensing in Iowa

The benefits to physician dispensing are numerous: patients are able to receive medications at the point of care without making a trip to the pharmacy, improving patient satisfaction and expediting their healing process. Dispensing medications in-office also improves patient compliance, and studies have shown that they are more likely to follow medication instructions promptly and correctly when they receive their medications directly. Physician dispensing is also beneficial for doctors, as it allows them to offer another ancillary service that can increase profits. Dispense Doc makes it easy to dispense medications in-office in Iowa with training and ongoing customer service and also providing a proprietary a software that makes adjudicating your patients insurance compliant and simple.

Revenue Potential for Physician Dispensing in Iowa

Dispense Doc can improve your practice’s per patient revenue at a low cost. Co-pays are collected by the practice just as they would be at a retail pharmacy, at no extra cost to patients. Dispense Doc works with your specific needs to provide wholesale medications in Iowa, providing you with the most competitive product pricing in the market and helping you keep a low inventory. Dispense Doc will help create custom formulary based on your specific patient demographic and prescribing habits. Dispense Doc also works efficiently with worker’s compensation prescriptions, filling them faster than the often-bureaucratic process at a retail pharmacy.

In-Office Physician Dispensing Regulations in Iowa

Physician dispensing laws vary by state. Dispense Doc can help guide you through the necessary paperwork and practices to become licensed and credentialed to dispense medications directly to patients in Iowa. Most states allow physician dispensing with minor requirements and Dispense Doc can assist with any questions you may have about regulations in Iowa. States that we currently do not dispense include Texas, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Utah. All other states are very friendly to physicians providing medications at the point of care.

Most states require that doctors register as a dispensing physician before allowing them to dispense medications in-office. There is often a registration fee, and sometimes an annual renewal fee for that license. Physicians are expected to comply with state and local laws when prescribing and dispensing medications. Some states have stricter laws than others, which may include provisions about the labelling of prescriptions, storage of medications (especially controlled substances), or regulations regarding who has access to the medications and who is allowed to physically handle medications.

Disclaimer: Dispense Doc has compiled the information below for reference only. State dispensing regulations change frequently and we recommend consulting an attorney or your state medical or pharmacy board with specific questions or to verify your eligibility to dispense.

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