Due to the need for increased revenue and patient satisfaction, the practice of dispensing prescriptions in-office is becoming more common. Done safely, an in-office dispensing system can be a win-win situation for both patients and a practice.

What are the Patient's Benefits?

-There is no added travel time to the pharmacy or additional delays caused by prior authorizations or unapproved medications.


-Approximately 30% of prescriptions go unfulfilled ultimately increasing long-term healthcare costs.


-There is no additional cost to the patient. Co-Pays are collected by the practice just as they would be at a retail pharmacy.

What are your Practice's Benefits?

-Eliminate staff time dealing with pharmacy call backs. Pre- authorization software allows to see if a patient is qualified for their medication.


-Ensure that your patients are following treatment guidelines by providing them with their medication before they leave your office.

Maximize Revenue

-Collect the adjudications from the patient’s Pharmacy Benefit Plan. Increase your practice's revenue and cash flow.

What does the DISPENSE DOC program include?

All practice credentialing, licensing and contracting with over 40+ Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Billing software — all training and support included

Access to thousands of non-controlled pharmaceuticals, single use kits and pharma’s newest products that will make up your Custom Formulary

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